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  • Over The Cup Coffee Dripper - From the rising steam to the first trace of a pure, aromatic coffee bean turning your favorite scents into sense every morning, what would you do without your brew? The classic ceramic construction of this reusable coffee dripper ensures the rich flavor of your favorite coffee shines through without imparting any of the chemicals or plastic odors associated with cheaper drippers found on the market. Great for the environment, your coffee, and you!
  • Personalized Coffee At Home, Barista Style - Easily customize brews to your liking right in your own kitchen with this easy-to-use, pour over coffee dripper. What's even better is how easy it is to clean! Spend more time enjoying your small batch gourmet coffee every day without worrying about a whole pot going to waste. The embossed cornflower featured on this barista dripper blends in with any modern or traditional designer coffee art style.
  • Brew To Perfection - The ceramic design of this classic coffee dripper allows for optimal heat retention while brewing your favorite cup. Adjust the flow of your pour, how finely ground the bean blend is, water amount, or length of brew time to create unique coffee that's perfect for you. Master your technique to experience specialty coffee in the comfort of your own home!
  • The Artisan Touch - Enjoy the delicious depth and clean flavor, including essential oils and antioxidants found in your choice blend, provided by the ceramic construction of this hot coffee dripper. The specific cone-angle, inner-ridged profile, and drip-hole design are custom engineered to optimize the brewing process. No home barista kit is complete without this easy coffee dripper by Blue Brew!
  • Once In A Blue Brew - This manual coffee dripper easily brews between one to two cups of exquisitely delicious coffee. Designed to be used with #1-sized coffee filters, every coffee lover should experience the harmony of their morning cup without any buzzing machines or electric whirring. Just you, your meditation, and the harmony of feeling in-tune with your favorite brew.

Blue Brew-Ceramic Coffee Dripper Cornflower, 1-2 Cups

SKU: BB1001
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