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  • Brews one to four cups of exquisite coffee. Double-sheathed design insures that the delicious, rich, full coffee flavor shines through. Precision-tailored mesh filter captures even the finest sediment. Chemical odors, impurities and bitter flavors won’t have a chance.
  • Stainless-steel separated stand allows for use with a wider variety of vessels, carafes, pots, thermoses and small to oversized mugs. Conveniently accommodates to most makes and models of carafes on today’s market, such as Chemex, Osaka, Hario, Bodum and more.
  • Rigorously tested to insure optimal quality, durability and functionality. It’s the innovative update on a time-honored classic.
  • Brings the taste of the finest cafes right to your kitchen. Enjoy with family, friends and cohorts, or for a bit of rejuvenating alone time.
  • Reusable! No need to keep buying disposable paper filters. Sustainable and green. No plastic components involved.

Blue Brew-Double-Filtered Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Stand

SKU: BB1005
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