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  • INCLUDES: (1) Ceramic Coffee Cone Brewer Dripper Cup (White)
  • PURPOSE: Designed for the every-day connoisseur who seeks a more controlled brewing method by allowing you to regulate proper flow, timing and temperature to allow the full extraction of delicious coffee flavors
  • ARTISAN DESIGN: Features an all ceramic construction for optimal heat retention and a highly detailed blue cornflower embossed along the outside
  • PERSONALIZED BREWING: The Blue Brew interior cone flaunts a large hole at the bottom to extract coffee and customize the flavor/ strength of your individual pour over cup or coffee pot
  • COMPATIBLE: This single serve brew system uses size #2 coffee filters, is microwave friendly, dishwasher safe and fits over most coffee mugs and/ or your favorite to-go thermoses

Blue Brew-Ceramic Coffee Dripper Cornflower, 1-4 Cups

SKU: BB1002
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